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Wholockian. Anglophile. Serial-traveller.

This is a multi-fandom blog currently mainly composed of Sherlock, DW, LoTR, The Hobbit and TVD.

You'll see a lot of Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender, Matt Smith and Richard Armitage.

My best friend and other half is thomasswilliams, I met her on here and I'm really thankful that she's in my life.
Ian’s favorite home cooked meals & favorite places to eat in in Vegas

Ian’s Favorite Home Cooked Dishes

1. Seafood gumbo (roux not too dark)

2. Fresh quail baked in organic asiago/

jalapeño/white-truffl e cornbread

3. Winter chili with a bit of chocolate and

superground espresso

4. Fried okra with homemade ranch dressing

5. Garlic-stuffed wild venison tenderloin

(marinated in milk and olive oil) rubbed with

truffle oil


1. Nobu

2. Mix

3. Alex

4. Buffet Bellagio

5. The Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill

(Thought that it was good to know!)

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